Amadeo Martí Carbonell, SA has industrial facilities that occupy more than 44,500 square metres, which house the most up-to-date technological and production methods on the market.

AMC’s main product focuses on the upper part of the engine: cylinder heads for diesel and petrol engines, camshafts and cylinder head bolts.

Aftermarket Products

The AMC cylinder head catalogue is the largest on the market, with more than 850 entries of bare, mounted, and camshaft cylinder heads.

More than 15,000 cylinder heads in stock translates into an excellent level of service to the customer.

The product goes through strict quality controls before being packaged.

All the products that AMC offers to the aftermarket are backed by IATF 16949 certification.

Aluminium diesel cylinder head

Aluminium diesel cylinder head

Iron diesel cylinder head

Iron diesel cylinder head

Petrol cylinder heads

Petrol cylinder heads



Camshaft kit

Camshaft kit

Cylinder head tightening bolts

Cylinder head tightening bolts

Particle filters

Particle filters

Terminals and clamps

Terminals and clamps



To ensure that all our cylinder heads meet specifications, each passes a set of tests so rigorous that in 2005 we obtained the certification that allows us to supply parts as Original Equipment.



The technical department of Amadeo Martí Carbonell Ltd. has the latest technology and computer applications for the development of new models of cylinder heads.

This department is made up of a specialized group of engineers and highly qualified personnel, dedicated exclusively to the study of new parts, analysing the potential weaknesses of the cylinder heads yet to be developed and improving those weak points in the cylinder heads already manufactured by AMC.

Their main work within the organization in addition to developing designs, is to research and prepare the processes that the other departments of the company will use for the perfect execution when the products are actually produced.

Through close collaboration with the Quality Control department, we ensure that our parts have the proper dimensions, tolerances and specifications.

Each cylinder head is inspected individually and subjected to various quality controls to ensure that the part will work perfectly thus ensuring customer satisfaction as well.




TecDoc Catalog is one of the world’s leading vehicle and parts catalogs and AMC is one of the data providers for this platform, in which reflects all the data and all the information from its own catalog. Over 850 different cylinder head references, hundreds of camshafts and camshaft kits, as well as head bolts sets.

This powerful tool is of great help for the correct identification of the spare part that is needed and operates through a simple search according to the make, model and other characteristics of the vehicle or by indicating the own and unique VIN (vehicle identification number).

In addition to a quick search for parts, and several photos to corroborate that the correct part has been found, it also offers technical and vehicle maintenance documents, making it an indispensable tool given the heterogeneity of the current fleet.


How can I get in touch with AMC?

There are several ways that you can contact us:

By email:
By telephone: +34 964 659 494
By fax: + 34 964 673 116
Website: in the "Contact" tab

What is AMC's privacy policy?

In compliance with current Data Protection regulations (Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data), AMC informs you that our website includes links to email accounts that you can use to contact our company.

By using them, you are giving your express consent to AMADEO MARTÍ CARBONELL, SA to manage any request or requests you make.

AMADEO MARTÍ CARBONELL, SA will not use your personal data for purposes other than those that appear in this clause. In order to exercise your rights of access, amendment, cancellation and opposition, you can send an email to:

How can I identify an AMC cylinder head?

AMC has installed an identification and traceability system for its products, which makes it possible to correctly and separately identify each and every one of our cylinder heads, and increase customer safety and confidence.

This system is based on a laser marker that identifies our products individually and the raw materials used, including all manufacturing operations carried out, all controls and verifications that the product has passed, and even identifies the shipment to our customer.

All this recorded information concerning the product can be accessed in a simple way, both from the piece and from the box label, using our Datamatrix readers.

How can I find out which cylinder head model or any other AMC product I need?

You can find the cylinder head model you need in the TECDOC catalogue, which can be accessed through the link on our website

.If you have any questions, please contact our sales department by email at:

What should I do to buy an AMC cylinder head?

You should contact one of our official distributors, or contact us directly and we will give you the details of your nearest distributor.

Why buy AMC cylinder heads and how are they different from low quality products?

AMC products have an excellent reputation thanks to their high level of quality and the wide range that we offer our customers.

All of our manufacturing processes, from the casting to final packaging, are well documented and controlled.

Here are some tips to help differentiate an AMC cylinder head from others of lower quality in the market.

1 – The packaging: AMC has patented the packaging, which is grey with a large print logo on the top of the package. This package is reinforced to avoid any damage to the cylinder head during transport.

2 – The label: All AMC products have the same format on the label with our own reference number to identify the product that is packaged in the box. Our labels also indicate AMC as an ISO/TS 16949 certified company.

3 – The product: Once the box is open, it is easy to identify a cylinder head.

All of them have the AMC mark (registered trademark) engraved directly on the cylinder head, which guarantees its high quality, as well as the high quality of all its components: valve guides, pre-combustion chambers, valve seats, valves, camshafts, etc.

To help achieve the highest levels of quality, the cylinder heads manufactured by AMC are 100% individually tested to ensure there are no manufacturing defects before being packaged, and so guarantee customer satisfaction.

We have installed an identification and traceability system for our products, which makes it possible to correctly and separately identify each and every one of our cylinder heads, and increase customer safety and confidence.

This system is based on a laser mark on each cylinder head that identifies our products and the raw materials used, including all manufacturing operations carried out, all controls, and even identifies the shipment to our customer. All this information concerning a cylinder head can be retrieved in an easy way, accessible from the cylinder head itself and the upper part of its box label, using our Datamatrix readers.

How do you ensure that the piece is in perfect condition after transit?

AMC has patented packaging, which is reinforced to avoid any damage that could occur to the cylinder head during shipping.

Does AMC re-manufacture or repair products?

No, AMC only produces new cylinder heads.

What is your returns policy?

AMC will replace any cylinder head that has manufacturing defects, free of charge.

To facilitate the submission of claims, it is important that the cylinder head be accompanied by a technical report that reflects the details of the breakage: the reason why the cylinder head was disassembled, and the reasons for the return of the product according to the customer, the age of the cylinder head in the engine and/or number of kilometres travelled, other affected parts or pieces of the engine, etc.

To help customers with this, we have included a quality form page to fill out when returning a cylinder head.

The cylinder head that arrived was damaged in shipping. What should I do?

File a complaint with the transport company within 24 hours of receiving the product or signing for its receipt with the reservation of accepting it after inspecting the part. Without this document, it will not be possible to file a claim with AMC.

What is the duration of the warranty and what does it cover?

Our cylinder heads have a warranty period of two years from when the cylinder head started operating, regardless of the number of kilometres travelled.

In the "Quality" tab on our website, we explain the different cases that are included or excluded from the guarantee.

Are there employment opportunities at AMC?

AMC is always looking for qualified people to support the company's growth. If you wish to join our team, please take a few minutes to fill out the form on the "Work with us" tab on our home page and attach your CV.