Iron diesel/petrol cylinder head

As a leading manufacturer of diesel and petrol cylinder heads for trucks and buses, AMC produces premium cast iron cylinder heads with improvements in their metallurgical properties. We also offer cylinder heads for marine engines, stationary engines and off-road. Manufacturing is done through an approved production process.

All the cylinder heads that we manufacture have original materials in seats and guides to ensure perfect engine operation.

For better security we mark each cylinder head with an ID Code that identifies it, ensuring product traceability and customer confidence.

Heavy cylinder heads can also include a bolt kit to ensure perfect tightening of the cylinder head on the block. Sequence and torque information is included.

We check each cylinder head before packing by subjecting them to several tests in order to ensure their perfect operation. Nevertheless, diesel/petrol cylinder heads have a one-year warranty covering any manufacturing defects. Finally, we offer technical and commercial support to our customers.

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