Policy of Security of Information and Operating System

AMADEO MARTÍ CARBONELL, S.A. (AMC), who works in the automotive sector, is committed to protecting the confidentiality, the integrity and availability of all information which processes and stores, also the information which is used by business process.

AMC has a safety management system of information (SGSI) which is included in the document “D01 to SGSI” and is part of the context of the Organization, their activity and the relevant parties to SGSI. The SGSI which AMC has implemented meets the requirements established in the international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

The information and the security requirements must always be aligned with the organizational objectives and must obey the laws and regulations as well as contractual obligations assumed. The SGSI it is the system what we use for reducing information related risks. Our policy and SGSI, are revised regularly with the aim of guaranteeing the continuous improvement.

The staff of this company who is related to SGSI must obey with the security policy and must be informed about information security or must know how to find out in case it is requested.

The aim of the information security is focused on guaranteeing the availability of the information system, its integrity and its confidentiality of the data that are processed and stored.

AMC staff who are related to SGSI are trained in information security. Those responsible for the system have specialized training in order to provide the customer of AMC an excellent service.

All AMC staff must know and accept the good practices of security of information which are explained in the document “D19 Good Practices of Information Security”.

Finally, AMC takes the main leadership to supervise the SGSI because AMC understands the agreement and importance of the security of the organization’s processes.