Camshaft kit

Camshaft kit for diesel and petrol engines

AMC has an extensive catalogue of camshaft kits for major brands and engines, diesel or petrol. It is of great importance that each of the components included in the camshaft kit is used to replace those in the engine to ensure a satisfactory repair of the vehicle.


The camshaft kit we offer includes the following components in a single box and with a single reference number.

  • camshaft
  • pushers
  • rockers
  • oil seal
  • bridge bolts
  • anti-friction bushings

The camshaft kits may vary according to the original manufacturer’s design.

Camshaft: only by using original quality camshafts can proper opening and closing of the intake and exhaust valves be ensured. The kits contain one or two camshafts depending on the characteristics of the engine.

Pusher bushings and rockers: it is recommended to replace each and every one of the pushers, whether mechanical or hydraulic, and rockers at the same time, never individually. The number of pusher bushings corresponds to the number of valves operated by each camshaft.

Camshaft oil seal: the oil seal may be damaged and therefore cause an oil leak that would directly affect the proper functioning of the engine.

Bridge bolts: these are responsible for correctly fixing the camshaft. The bolts may be affected after any tightening or disassembly operation. The bolts included in the kit need to be replaced when required to do so by the manufacturer.

Anti-friction bushings: these are the support for the camshaft and are vital to ensure its correct rotation.

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