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Reverse engineering

Scanning and reconstruction of a piece for manufacturing
Scanning and reconstruction of a piece for manufacturing

Design and optimization of casting, loads and sprues
Manufacturing of parts of cast aluminum, iron and steel.

Machining parts
Reports according to customer needs

Measurements, chemical analyzes and mechanical characteristics

1 piece production batch. Allows to manufacture, test the result and to redesign for the next piece (if needed)
Small manufacturing series

Allows to test a new development before investing on permanent molds for serial production.

AM3d Modeling

If you can imagine it, we can print it


The deep knowledge of our professionals about foundry processes enables us to advise the client in the design of the prototype. From our engineering and development department we offer AM3D Modeling, providing your organization the following resources:
  • Printing Service in sand molds
  • Dimensional control cores and molds
  • Casting prototypes and dimensional control of the casting
  • Manufacturing machining prototype test series and short series
  • Construction of single parts
  • Manufacture of parts with geometries that cannot otherwise be achieved
  • Reverse engineering
The material used for printing is silica sand and the final pieces are made of aluminum alloys, iron alloys and steel alloys.


AM3D Modeling casting system design, loads and sprues to produce healthy piece.

With the layer printing technology we can determine the partition line according to customer requirements and advice to achieve the desired result.

CATIA software



AM3D Modeling confidentiality is fundamental. When a client entrusts us with their development work can be sure that the information is subject to previously established agreements.

Therefore on-site inspections of production operations or even individual production stages are not allowed. However we can provide a demonstration of the stages of production of its own prototype prior appointment with the customer.

Need a quotation?

All we need is the 3D CAD file or gross workpiece and machining draws. We can provide a budget even if the final design is not yet finished.

You will need only to provide us with the forecast quantity, the characteristics of the casting material and any requirement applicable to the production of its design.

Based on this information we can determine the necessary processes, inspection and test sequence and coordinate it with you.

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