Our Process

3D Sand Printing

The digital production of sand molds improve the traditional development tooling process for prototypes and first samples, drastically reducing delivery times
The process uses three-dimensional printing technology to produce molds by adding sand layer by layer from a CAD file
Standard materials are used in the foundry industry, allowing easy interaction of the molds in manufacturing processes and foundry

AM3d Modeling

If you can imagine it, we can print



We simulate the casting process of the contracted part series, to meet the highest demands of our customers in terms of materials and structures. The mechanical properties can be improved by heat treatment CNC machining.

Mechanize CNC

By using simultaneous 5-axis milling CNC, we are able to quickly produce and mechanize prototypes, from billets, shaping the final piece.
The head of the 5-axis milling allows for more efficient cuts in the roughing process.

Final Inspection

For inspection of the final piece in sand mold we measure it with an optical scanner, by comparing the geometry of the actual piece with the 3D CAD file.
The lead time between the design and the final piece is reduced to a few hours.

Advantages of our 3D Printing Technology

Flexible Production

Production of short series, without using tools.Each part may be different.
You can make quick changes.

High Productivity and Accuracy

Prototypes are prepared for casting metal directly.
The cores or molds do not require post processing.

Complex Geometries

No shape limitations.
There is no undercut concept.
and molds are prepared to melt aluminum, iron and steel. Great design freedom.


Need a quotation?

All we need is the 3D CAD file or gross workpiece and machining draws. We can provide a budget even if the final design is not yet finished.

You will need only to provide us with the forecast quantity, the characteristics of the casting material and any requirement applicable to the production of its design.

Based on this information we can determine the necessary processes, inspection and test sequence and coordinate it with you.

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