About us

Amadeo Marti Carbonell S.A. is a family company specialising, since the 70s, in the design, manufacture and sale of aluminium pieces for the automotive industry, either for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or for the OES (Original Equipment Supplier) market or for independent aftermarket.

AMC aims to be a supplier who offers its clients total solutions, since it has internal capacity to design and to manufacture aluminium pieces regardless of its manufacturing method.

AMC values

AMC aims to offer its clients a maximum quality product. To this end, AMC uses the most advanced technological and computing means in the aftermarket, as well as working teams dedicated to its clients satisfaction.

Sustainability & Environment

AMC is an environmentally conscious company. Our ward-winning Environmental Team has delivered a number of initiatives to reduce, reuse and recycle waste products to further minimise the environmental impact from our operations.